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Services We Offer

    1. Consultations: Pixelburgh offers one-time free consultation to get you started in the right direction.


    1. Start-Up Assistance: We can assist aspiring entrepreneurs and existing small business owners with creating or growing their dream by assisting with the creation, critiquing, and fine-tuning of their business plan, access to valuable resources, and connecting them with our partners. We can also help with the steps to register your company with the state the correct way, while using best practices.


    1. Design Services: We partner with skilled Local artists to design and create the products you need to succeed. Brand logos, business cards, website design,  mobile app design, specialty cakes & more! Let us know what you’re looking for and we’re sure we can find an artist for your project!


  1. Advanced Business Assistance: ABA Includes how-to accounting information and assistance on how to gain and maintain federal, city and state tax compliance, knowledge on how to gain beneficial certifications to help grow your business and also, we can connect you to the right resources to help you advance!


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