#PIXELBURGH – A Art and Small-Business Incubator



Original Portrait by Tyler. M


“PIXBURGH” is a polymathic artist born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Pixburgh believes “Art is Everything”, meaning life in general is a “Work in progress” and each person is responsible for composing their own story.

Pixburgh started a small-business in 2018. After experiencing many ups and downs, he decided to share his experience and help others interested in taking the journey do so with less mistakes and more progress. “Learn from my mistakes”.

Pixburgh founded Pixelburgh Inc to take a creative, more hands on approach to some of the issues plaguing our city.

Pixburgh believes the educational system is failing us, and there are not enough opportunities or awareness of opportunities available to lower wage citizens to increase the standard of living in our city.

Pixburgh plans to use Pixelburgh Inc as a platform to serve the community through creating awareness of available opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs and utilizing local talent to help aspiring new business owners gain a leg up with branding and marketing.

This not only gives new business owners a boost, it provides a source of income for local artists.

Pixelburgh utilizes donations to to help relieve new business owners with limited funding of some of the costs associated with branding and getting started.

Pixburgh’s Skills

*Airbrushing* *Webdesign* *App Development* *Digital Art Mediums* *Brand Development* *Creative Consulting* *Personal Development* *Business Start-Up assistance* *Ad-Artist*

When you hire PIXBURGH or use Pixelburgh services, ALL proceeds go directly back into Pixelburgh programs, advertising orΒ  if outsourced, proceeds get split between the artists involved in that particular project.


The Bottom Line:

“I can offer a full spectrum of branding solutions from logos, to business cards, to designing vehicle wraps, websites and apps.”

Pixburgh has a business featured on Pixelburgh.