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Lets be clear: Pittbit is NOT a “memecoin”. PittBit is a decentralized crypto token that is backed by real projects and assets, like Pixelburgh for example..

In todays age, technology seems to be advancing at an alarming rate. Pixelburgh’s goal is to introduce the community to new technologies in a way that is not only educational, but fun and entertaining. This way, everyone has a chance to learn and we can flatten the learning curve when it comes to emerging digital technologies.

We are adapting the PittBit coin into our brand in order to create exposure and access to crypto knowlege for everyone.

*Now Introducing*
?? PITTBITT – ($PGH) ??

Lexa Terrestrial fits right in here at Pixelburgh as an artist that stands out in a crowd. Lexa first invaded Pittsburgh in 2016 with her album “LeX-Files” which is available to stream ad-free on the Pixelburgh App, and most other streaming apps!

Lexa’s second invasion was in late 2020 titled “Empty Life Syndrome”. One of our favorite tracks from that project is titled “Outer Space” which we had the pleasure of a live performance. Lexa is a natural when it comes to transporting people to a different planet with her performances!. Below is a excerpt from Lexa’s website.

Lexa Terrestrial is an alien rapper, singer & producer from Pittsburgh & NYC.
Designer & mogul for her brand – “Electric Dollhouse” – Futuristic/Japanese style attire & accessories. (You’re on the site so you already know that) 
She even makes custom Light up Bows & Bras & headpieces for films & special clients. After getting a neurological breathing condition due to medical malpractice, she began wearing face masks. In 2019 she decided to make & sell some of her own. When the Covid pandemic hit, Lexa got 500 masks to people.
“EMPTY LIFE SYNDROME” – her latest album, dives into the story about her disease.
Her music videos are always abstract & eccentric, sometimes strange, sometimes funny. At age 20, her first track “Ronald Reagan” blew up on Worldstar Hip-Hop & YouTube with her full-fledged audio-visual Hip-Hop experience.  The video was taken down for being too strange, and became an unforgettable cult classic. She went on to release many more songs & collaborations. 

  • Lexa Terrestrial has performed with some big names such as: Hopsin, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Rittz, Logic & Jarren Benton.
  • Lexa is also a fan fav at Anime Conventions, Art Basel & SXSW.
  • Lexa Terrestrial was featured in XXL Freshman Issue (2016).
  • That year she performed at SXSW for Hot New Hip-Hops mansion party exhibition.
  • Lexa won 1st place in Hip-Hop Contests in NYC & Miami with Coast 2 Coast recognition for her performances!

Make sure to follow Lexa Terrestrial on social media!

FOR BOOKING, Email: alex@dynamictalentint.com


The Bottom Line:

Lexa Terrestrial and her music is not only extraordinary but also distinct. These are just some of the reasons why we like her. Remarkable talent that could only come from Pittsburgh.

Show support for local artists! Follow Lexa Terrestrial on her social media to find out when you can catch a live performance or maybe cop some gear!

Promise you wont get probed… ?

“Experiencing a live performance of Lexa Terrestrial was indefinitely euphoric. The energy she creates is mesmerizing and unique. She executed everything including in her array, her music, and her ability to engage the crowd.”

– Summer


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