#PIXELBURGH – A Art and Small-Business Incubator



Matic Meet-up

Blockchain technologies, crypto and NFTs are the future. They aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact the technology is evolving daily! Pixelburgh has ambitious plans for the future of our brand, and it all starts with the LEXMC – NFT collection.


This is our first major collection. These NFTs will tie all of our products together! The goal is to generate enough funds to build our own full-scale metaverse, and YOU can be a part of that! As our brand grows, our owners do to! If you are a creator or a collector, our NFTs will have something you will enjoy! Whether it’s the beautiful art work, or the incredible utilities! All these things make our NFT projects a great choice for investors!

On September 30th, we will hold a NFT release party in our FIRST meta-Art gallery. This is new waters for many of us! But it is a very exciting time to be alive to experience such a shift in the art community!

Come party with us and celebrate a new age of art and entertainment in our meta gallery!

There will be a the FIRST Meta-Photographer there to take photos! This is the first but wont be the last!

Go and see for yourself. Create a spatial account to create your avatar so you can be ready for the party!