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Ethereum Update

The Lost Bulls NFTS

The Lost Bulls NFTS is a collection of 5000nfts artwork with two inspirational content attached which reveals itself as the bullish and bearish market.
The Lost Bulls NFTS is designed to inspire early collectors and Investors to have their space in the great top notch NFT world burning up Shiba Inu tokens to every TLB NFTS minted and over 3000$ Giveaway to the minters with highest TLB NFTs and whales holders. Looking at the TLB artwork, it divides it’s self into two main part of skeleton and normal body which symbolises two things. Skeletal part represent loss i.e the bearish market while the normal part represent the bullish market.
TLB NFTs believe it possible to change the skeletal part outcome into full normal body with the help of their Investors and collectors thereby burning up lots of Shiba Inu tokens for them all, airdropping free NFT to all TLB holders and giving out other great price allocations to help build a great bullish market for all.join https://discord.gg/mzw6YZbfpp for more details