Lexas Meta Variants - Presale Date


Matic Update

The Presale of the Official NFT collection titled \"Lexas Exotic Meta-Variants Collection\" is set to begin SOON!

This is a 10,000 piece collection of images computer generated from hand-drawn illustrations! This collection has been in development for a long time, coming in at a very affordable price of just 20 MATIC!

This collection features over 40 different traits in the metadata! Highly collectible collection that will have added utilities throughout the Pixelburgh Network.

Some planned utilities will revolve around discounts on network stores, discounts on services, sometimes free prizes (at local events), FREE NFT\'s (pay gas fee only) and access to NFT tools for growing / advertising your own NFT products! Ownership may also grant users to exclusive access to special online pages and events.

All owners of Pixelburgh NFTs can contribute to this community.

This collection features the likeness of Pittsburgh recording artist \"Lexa Terrestrial\". Lexa\'s Meta Variants are the many versions of Lexa as she is known throughout the metaverse! 

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