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PittBit Token [$PGH]


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The PittBit Crypto Token – [$PGH]

The minimum is 100,000 [$PGH] = ($1)
1,000,000 [$PGH] = $10
10,000,000 [$PGH] = $100


The Story of the PittBit:

A long time ago before Pixelburgh was founded. The Legendary Pirate 🏴‍☠️ “PittBit” embarked on a journey to find the “Crypto Miner” who was said to have the power to create VAST fortunes for those he thought would use the wealth to create a better world free of the regulations of the “Mother System”.

As the legend goes… PittBit found the Crypto Miner, and was put through a series of tests to determine weather PittBit was the right fit for this responsibility.

PittBit passed… Yes, he may look like a old dog, battle-hardened from what felt to him like a millennia of war, but his intentions were as pure as gold.

As the Crypto Miner presented PittBit with his prize… He snapped his fingers… SUDDENLY, the rug ripped from under PittBit’s boots! 😵 Our hero was FLOORED to discover the prize was none other than.. The MOST valuable treasure ever known to the world.. A COMPLETE BITCOIN. 😲 It was so large it covered the entire floor of the room!

“Never in a million years would I fathom being in the presence of such a wonder” Said PittBit.

The miner replied: “Well, now that you have your precious treasure, how will you ever move such an enormously large and heavy treasure?

🤔💡PittBit smiled and replied: “I will burn it! Then make a new! AYE!

THIS IS A LIMITED OPPORTUNITY, once [$PGH] achieves set goals, this product for this price will be REMOVED and $PGH will then only be available on exchanges.



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