Get Your NFT Collection Rarity Calculation!

Rarity, Why it matters,  How it’s Done.

When it comes to NFT collections, one of the most common questions people ask in the NFT community is:  “How rare is my NFT?“.

The reason being is that rarity is one of the most important factors (if not the most important factor) in determining the value of an any non fungible token. (Besides Utility)

Collectors want to know how rare their NFTs are or whether the one they are looking to purchase is rare,  And then maybe how rare it is compared to the rest, if it is a collection.

Buying and Selling

If you are trying to SELL your NFT(s), knowing and displaying rarity to your community may be a deciding factor that determines if someone buys or not! With the rarity information that we provide, NFT collectors can very easily value and compare relative value of individual NFTs against one another.


This rarity calculating site has been created as a less expensive alternative to the other sites out there. We provide an easy to navigate, and inexpensive solution to figuring out rarity to your individual items in your collections.

Your community can finally answer the question “How rare is my NFT?”

Listing on RareNFT.Gallery will also expose your project to our NFT traffic which grows every month! When browsing collections, if interesting in buying, users can go directly to your listing on opensea!

Pixelburgh uses our own rarity formula exclusive to our website. Your rarity rankings may be different on other sites.

Similar sites charge up to $4,000 or more to list on their sites!  Our Average cost is about $500! For PERMANENT listing and exclusive marketing. This Price subject to change in the future.

How Does It Work?

When generating NFT collections, the traits and trait categories are organized into the “Metadata” of the NFT. That metadata is what makes each NFT image Unique. Without metadata, an NFT is just an image. We organize that data and give it a score so the rarity weights of your NFTs can be calculated and measured, then organized visually!

4 Ways To Pay for Listing

Choose one option to pay for listing on RareNFT.Gallery
We recommend LEXMC ownership! Become a part of the community! Once listed your listing is permanent. Even if you sell your LEXMC NFTs your rarity listing remains. These are intro prices so take advantage of them now!

Currently only listing ETH and MATIC Collections. See contact instructions Below

Contacting Us for Listing

Contact us on Discord: Create a ticket and someone will respond as soon as they are available.

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Watch Out for SCAMMERS
If you are here to get listed, we probably don’t have to tell you this, but beware of the scammers. Please NEVER give your secret pass phrase out.
ALWAYS check the links you are interacting with! This goes for all sites (Not just here) Scammers will create identical copies of popular sites to steal your information! PIXELBURGH STAFF will NEVER ask you for your secret phrase, passwords, or any other sensitive data. Report abuse immediately!