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pxBurgh.com Pixel Grid Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is a Pixel?

A: Digital images are made of pixels. By definition – “A minute area of illumination on a display screen, one of many from which an image is composed”. On the grid page, each “Block” is 100 pixels. [10px x 10px] “Blocks”.


*Order Error Code Remedy*

               Q: While trying to finish my order, I am receiving the following error code, what do I do?

[Table ‘users’ was not locked with LOCK TABLESSELECT * from users where ID=’0′]

A: If you are receiving this error at the end of your order, you must double check to make sure your Image is attached to the pixel grid. Navigate back to the “Order Pixels” page, click your ad, place it exactly where you want it, then continue. If you need more assistance please use the Contact Page.

Q: Is this tax deductible?

A: Receipts/invoices will be generated upon request. Advertising is a tax deductible business expense.

Q: How does/will this site generate hits?

A: In addition to social media and support from local brick and mortar businesses, funds from this page will be used solely to advance Pittsburgh small business and art projects.

Q: Are there rules to ad content?

A: Ads cannot link directly to explicit content. Explicit content must be firewalled behind age restrictions. Death/dismemberment, or promotion of any type of abuse to any living creatures is strictly prohibited. Any involvement in the sale of anything illegal. We reserve the right to terminate users without warning and without refund for violating basic ethical behavior.

Q: What is Unique about this “ad-space”?

A: We want to paint a digital picture of Pittsburgh to showcase the community’s art culture, business culture, locals, and everything else that makes our city UNIQUE. Space on this page is equivalent to owning real estate. Whatever size space you acquire, it is yours to advertise your product, service, Instagram, website, etc. As we grow, you grow.

Q: How long does my advertisement last?

A: Everyone has different needs, we can create custom packages that include ad-creation, social media inclusion and choice between permanent and timed ad-space. Permanent space is available for $100 a block. Please use the Contact Page to find out more.

Q: Do you offer Ad-Design?

A: Working with small graphics can be a challenge. We can design ads, create custom ad-packages, and even post them for you for for you. Or, you can create an account yourself, design your own pixels, then upload and create your ad yourself using the Get Pixels page.

Q: What is the benefit of making an account vs Pixelburgh handling my ad?

A: If you create your own account, you can log-in and change, update, or expand your ad at ANY time. When we are managing the Ads, change/update request could take up to 24 hours since they have to be done when an admin is available.

For all other inquiries, please use the Contact Page.