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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pixelburgh?

Pixelburgh Inc is a Not-for profit organization based in the city of  Pittsburgh, Pa.

Our mission is to assist the city’s youth, artists, small businesses and all other historically disadvantaged people; including but not limited to, minorities and women, in the pursuit of happiness.

We aim to achieve this goal through education, mentoring, access to resources, promotion, and special programs designed to create a positive change in our community.

Learn more about Pixelburgh on the About Page.


What is a "pixel"?

Pixel is short for Picture Element; a pixel is a single dot in a graphic image; when many dots are connected it will make up a picture.

Digital images are made of pixels. By definition – “A minute area of illumination on a display screen, one of many from which an image is composed”.

One Million Pixels = One “Megapixel”. If your phone camera for example has 12MP camera, it can take pictures that would have 12 million pixels. The higher pixel count, the better resolution or clarity of the image.

On the grid page, each “Block” is 100 pixels. [10px x 10px] “Blocks”.

What is the Pixel-Mosaic?

The Pixel Mosaic on the Homepage of Pixelburgh.org is designed to to be a sort of “Swiss Army Knife” for marketing here at Pixelburgh. We believe ART is essential to our every day lives, and the Pixel Mosaic on the home page will act as a digital billboard and also a unique work of digital-art that will be created collaboratively through donors and clients.

The idea is that you advertise on the Pixelburgh Pixel-Mosaic by donating to our cause. You, your product, service or even youtube channel will be seen by thousands of people. You also get the chance to be part of a unique story that revolves around helping the world 🌎 become a better place 🙂.

Together, we will create a mosaic that represents unity between the community, the arts, small business, big business and everyone in-between.

The Pixelburgh Pixel-Mosaic” will be displayed on the homepage of www.pixelburgh.org.  It is the first page any visitor will see. It will last over time and become a digital time capsule where only a few will be able to take part. You can be part of this!

When purchacing pixels on “Pixelburgh Pixel-Mosaic”   homepage, you can use them to put the image you want to be shown in the mosaic. When a user moves the mouse over the image, a slogan that you have previously chosen will appear and when clicking in the image, the user will be redirected to your website.

In addition, if you send us a summary of your project, we will publish it in our blog, share it in our social networks and it will become a part of all our products, including affiliate links in our MOBILE-APP that will be downloadable on iTunes and Google Play Store. All it takes to get on the mosaic, is a minimum $100 donation. Donation size determines the size of your ad! Learn more about Pixel-Space below!

Pixel Site?

Pixel sites are not a new idea, but one that has worked in the past in obscurity. It does just so happen to be very fitting for the purpose of our organization. For we have managed to adapt the original idea to the present with a updated 2020 approach. Giving it an added value which will help attract thousands of visitors to Pixelburgh to see the Digital Pixel Billboard and art exhibits.

Let’s talk about the original idea. If we look back to the year 2005, a student named Alex Tew decided to pay for college by creating a website called “Milliondollarhomepage” to sell advertising space on the internet. He divided the homepage into a million pixels and sold them at a price of $1 per pixel (in blocks of 10×10 pixels). In less than a year, he sold all the pixels and achieved his goal. Here is a link in which you can read the whole story, or you can check out the below photo to get an idea of what the pixel mosaic will look like as it begins to fill; creating the desired ‘Digital billboard’ look as the “Pixel Mosaic”.

Once filled, visitors could spend hours exploring the links, finding new products and other random areas on the net.

A great idea, right? Alex knew it, in addition to achieving his goal, he was going to do something else. He created an internet phenomenon with millions of visits to his websites. He achieved (thanks to the advertisers who decided to bet on his idea) part of the history of the beginnings of the internet. Without a doubt, a very cheap investment for the advertisers who decided to believe in his idea as It it really paid off for them in the end.

All I could think about was: “Why couldn’t I think of that?” Companies from the beginning of the internet are immortalized in their own time capsule thanks to Alex. Such a great concept has a unique niche that until now has been lost to internet history.

How could I create a site like Alex’s with a different formula that would attract a lot of traffic and advertisers to my website? It was a very complicated puzzle that I first tried to solve with the first version of this website “millionpittsburghpixels.com”. As time went on the project naturally evolved into what it is today.

What’s the difference between the original “Milliondollarhomepage” and Pixelburgh? The original milliondollarhomepage was retired once it was filled up. Pixelburgh Inc is an Organization, Pixelburgh will continue to be a working part of the economy. Unlike the original page, our traffic will only increase over time giving you added value that the original MDHP could never achieve. Looking back at the old “Milliondollarhomepage” now most of the links are dead. That wont happen here 🙂.

What better way to revive Alex’s idea than to combine it with everything I love and value?

Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh culture
Business, big and small
Art and Technology
The community and the people in it

I was inspired to create something that represents all of these subjects in one place

The result is Pixelburgh, the Pixel-Mosaic, and the Pixelburgh Mobile app. Through these properties all donors, clients, and supporters will be represented, immortalized in a time capsule with it’s image, motto and official website. Thousand of visitors will explore Pixelburgh and its properties to discover new products and services!


Why should you advertise on Pixelburgh?

The first reason to advertise on Pixelburgh is because a lot of time, energy and excitement went into creating this project. We are dedicated to the future of this platform and believe it can be used as a catalyst to create the change we want to see in our community.

Advertising on Pixelburgh shows all who visit, that you support our cause, by donating you are creating opportunities for people who want and need them while getting exposure for your brand at the same time.

 A majority of the donations go to supporting programs that help encourage community growth, and a small amount goes to hosting a website maintenance.

Pixelburgh is growing and changing all the time. At first Pixelburgh was just ONE basic page. It has grown into a beautiful aesthetically pleasing web-space and will continue to grow as time moves forward. Currently, we are developing a mobile-app that will promote local artists of all mediums, have ad-free music, and will update monthly with new content, driving more visitors to Pixelburgh and closer to your brand!

When purchasing pixels, you will have an image, slogan and a link from your website on the “Pixelburgh Pixel-Mosaic” on the homepage, which will be the first page every visitor will see

When Alex launched his website “milliondolarhomepage” in 2005, the population connected to the internet was only a 30%. The era of social networks was non-existent. Facebook was only used in some US universities, Amazon sold books and only in the US, smartphones didn’t exist, and people only used the internet with a computer.

Think about it. If Alex Tew succeeded with these conditions, nowadays, the potential is a thousand times greater.

In addition, The Pixelburgh App, our community outreach programs, mailing-list, and pixelburgh journalism will bring thousands of visitors monthly to view the Pixel-Mosaic as if it were a famous painting in which you and your brand will be a living part of the Digital Art!

Why can't I buy only one Pixel?

Buying only one pixel wouldn’t be as effective as buying several pixels. In a single pixel, an image cannot be displayed and visually it wouldn’t make any sense. Nor could you click on it easily and the site wouldn’t have dynamism. One pixel is simply too small to be of any use.

How much does a pixel cost?

A pixel costs $1 Each. You can buy these pixels in 10×10 blocks (100 pixels), at a price of $100. (The minimum donation to get included on the Pixel-Mosaic)

The mosaic of the homepage is divided into 10,000 blocks (in 100×100 block grids) and you can purchase a block or as many pixels as you want, if they are available.

You can create a free account and explore the grid using diffrent sized images.

Who benefits most from buying pixels?

Any person or business with an online presence can benefit from pixel space on www.pixelburgh.org.

We currently generate thousands of views a month and once we launch our mobile app which will have ad-free music among other features, our traffic will greatly increase.

Businesses with online stores, social media influencers, youtube channels, local businesses, restaurants, basically anyone who wants to increate their web traffic with quality unique visitors will benefit from advertising on Pixelburgh!

With a $100 minimum anyone can afford to be involved! Contact info@pixelburgh.com for information!


Ad Design?

So you want to be on the pixel mosaic, but don’t know how to make pixel graphics?

Ad design is FREE, Contact info@pixelburgh.org and we can design an ad at the size you want to display, then we can send you the ad, you can create your own account and then upload your ad yourself, or we can add it to the Pixel-Mosaic for you using your desired discription, image and link.


Pixelgrid Error Code

Q: While trying to finish my order, I am receiving the following error code, what do I do?

[Table ‘users’ was not locked with LOCK TABLESSELECT * from users where ID=’0′]

A: This is not a error with the Pixelburgh website. If you are receiving this error at the end of your order, you must double check to make sure your Image is attached to the pixel grid. Navigate back to the “Order Pixels” page, click/tap your ad, place it exactly where you want it, then continue.

If you need more assistance please use the Contact Page.


Restricted Content

Ads cannot link directly to explicit content. Explicit content must be firewalled behind age restrictions. Death/dismemberment, or promotion of any type of abuse to any living creatures is strictly prohibited; along with the sale of illegal goods or items. We reserve the right to terminate users and their ads without warning and without refund for violating basic ethical behavior.

If you require more information, please contact info@pixelburgh.org.

Please direct all other inquiries to the Contact Page

Or Email: info@pixelburgh.org