Featured Miz Kellie Artistry

Featured Miz Kellie Artistry


Pittsburgh Multi-Talented Artist

Miz Kellie Artistry

Miz Kellie
I’m a public figure – founder & owner of miz kellie artistry.

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Miz Kellie has been doing makeup her whole entire life. She became a professional in August of 2013 and managed her own Clinique counter for 5 years. Miz Kellie is a certified air brush makeup artist and on top of that, she also works for a television filming company doing professional makeup!

Miz Kellie is an actress at “Hundred Acres Manor” – A Haunted house in Bethel Park. She is also their best makeup artist! Next time you’re there check out her work, but you’ll probably be too scared to notice!

Miz Kellie is an on-call makeup artist for any event, weddings, face paints, anything makeup related. From head to toe!

On Miz Kellie’s Website, she has a whole pallet of products, skincare, makeup, scrubs and a lot more – https://mizkellieartistry.com/

Quality should never be a compromise. From the most popular looks to the deepest cleansers & latest products,  I  bring it all to you!  I’m committed to being the only place you need to look great & maintain your healthy, beautiful & unique look! 

  • Look & Feel Great – Miz Kellie stocks a variety of essential products for every skin type & tone. From day to night & special occasions, she will have your entire  look covered! She only stocks products made with natural occurring, organic ingredients that are healthy for you & for the planet.


  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – Miz Kellie want’s you to be completely happy with your shopping experience from order to delivery. If you have questions about her products, delivery, or shipping, get in touch! therealmizkellie@gmail.com


Make sure to follow Miz Kellie Artistry on social media!

FOR BOOKING, Email: therealmizkellie@gmail.com

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The Bottom Line:

If your like me (I don’t know anything about makeup) Miz Kellie Artistry is who you need to see! She can not only make you look good for any occasion, she also uses her own products made with naturally occurring ingredients so you dont have to worry about skin poisioning with cheaply made products.

Book Miz Kellie Artistry for your next event! She specializes in all avenues of make-up, airbrush, face-painting, halloween parties, weddings anything you can think of!

“Mizz Kellie is a truely talented artist, with skills that could rival movie-level professionals! Especially when it comes to special effects make-up.”


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Pittsburgh Recording Artist – CPX3

Pittsburgh Recording Artist – CPX3


Pittsburgh Recording Artist


We are pleased to announce that Two of Pixelburgh’s featured artist’s: CPX3 and Lexa Terrestrial have been nominated for Best of Pittsburgh!

Stay tuned for the voting Link!

CPX3 was one of the headliners for the #ArtIsEssential event held at #level-upstudios.

During the #ArtIsEssential event Chon Pryor AKA, “CPX3” performed tracks from his Album “Genesis” Which will be available to stream Ad-Free on the Pixelburgh Mobile App upon release.

Make sure to follow CPX3 on social media!

Chon AKA ( CPX3 ) is the CEO of PGEnt LLC. A talented Master Of Ceremony born and raised in Pittsburgh PA, who always manages to get the crowd moving no matter where he preforms!

CPX3 has many successful events under his belt. Before COVID-19 struck the world, CPX3’s biggest performances were live on stage at the Art festival on multiple occasions. CPX3 is often accompanied by the PIRATE GANG, which is an acronym that means: “People, Inspiring, Real, Aspirations, To, Experience. Greatness, Approaching, Newer, Generations.”

Recently CPX3 has not only participated in multiple events at #levelUpStudios, he has also hosted events, and even judged events at the venue, occasionally partnering with the Dreams Of Music Foundation.

Here’s a excerpt from CPX3’s website.

One listen to any of his songs and you get a sense of connection with him instantly. Chon has a plethora of stories and experiences that he pulls from, to help make his passion evident and relatable to every person from every walk of life. He moves into an alternate reality of sorts when he performs and draws you in as he sits you down and rides you off on a journey throughout his life.

CPX3 has many skills, book him now for any of the following:

  • Live Performances
  • Hosting Live Events
  • Artist Consulting
  • Collaborations
  • Promotions

CPX3 was one of the headliners for the #ArtIsEssential event held at #level-upstudios.

During the #ArtIsEssential event Chon Pryor AKA, “CPX3” performed tracks from his Album “Genesis” Which will be available to stream Ad-Free on the Pixelburgh Mobile App upon release.

Make sure to follow CPX3 on social media!

FOR BOOKING, Email: CPX3X@gmail.com


The Bottom Line:

CPX3 delivers performances like no other entertainer in the city, Hands down. Born and raised in Pittsburgh his music is recognized and enjoyed by many people.

Show support for local artists! Follow CPX3 on his social media to find out when you can catch a live performance and even purchase PirateGang gear!

Its well worth it ! 

“Having the opportunity to experience multiple live performances of CPX3, I know firsthand the impact he has on people. He is an animated overachiever that engages with the audience. “



? 4 Artists in Pittsburgh Affected by COVID-19

? 4 Artists in Pittsburgh Affected by COVID-19

☣️Local Artists Wanted☣️

Pixelburgh Is searching for local Artists who’s work may have been affected pandemic to participate in the Free Pixel Event to support local Artists.

Last Updated: 04/16/2020



This event may return for future promotions.

A-HOY! from “quarantine”. This is Pixburgh, your host for the moment. First, let me apologize for the cryptic theme.. You see.., I’m a sucker for “black and gold”. Plus, the biohazard symbol seems all too appropriate right now with current events.  Its been a trying past few weeks indeed; with many more to come. I know you’re probably sick and tired of all the negative news; so here is a little-bit about what we are up to here at Pixelburgh to give back to the artist that brighten up our incredible city with all their creativity. We are passionate about supporting our city any way we can ✊?. The current situation with the Novel Coronavirus outbreak puts the entire Country in unknown territory. Big and small businesses alike are struggling to keep their doors open. (us included) *Shrug*. It is what it is, times are hard… Especially for an Artist. For most people, being an Artist is rarely about the money in the first place. 

Being an Artist according to Amy at Pikaland is:
“Putting your best foot forward everyday to create things that make a difference; whether that difference is for you, or for others.”

I firmly stand behind that quote. Artistry is a humbling profession. It’s too bad we need money in order to exist. Looking back now it’s hard to believe there was a time when I would be happy to be paid with paint and pastels ?. Yeah… I guess maybe we DO need to eat… Sometimes… In-between this project, that project… Sacrificing a bill or two this month, to finish a project that might pay the bills NEXT month.. ??‍♂️… At the end of the day; you just want to do what you love, while  getting paid to do it! With that said, trust me when I say that we understand. Us Artists are very valuable assets. We leave our mark throughout the City, throughout the world, literally brightening everyone’s lives with colors, sounds, and performances. Without us, Gotham ?.. I mean Pittsburgh.. Would be dull and grey.. er..

If you are a creator, we want to hear from you

As long as you are reading this message, This Event is still Active.

Below, you will find a short list of basic qualifications, or things to include in your communication. Even if you are not applying for pixels, Don’t be shy! Quarantine has got us all feeling lonely! Cast a line, we want to hear from you! 

Artists Applying for Pixels:

A: Please fill out this form using as much detail as you feel comfortable sharing.
B: Please Indicate if you are capable of creating your own pixel graphics.
C: Artists must have linkable content to display in their pixel-space.

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