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Last Updated: 06/18/2020

The Red Pill

Congratulations! You chose the Red Pill, good choice, but you made one huge mistake! You should never take things from strangers without knowing what it is first! ? Lucky for you, I am a trustworthy human and your well-being Is why I do what I do. ?

This will be an ever-expanding, comprehensive guide to get you going in the right direction. Expect that this experience will grow and improve over time.

During this post we will discuss various resources and programs available around the city available to anyone who’s goal is to EXCEL. Along with a Step-by-step guide to Business start-up.



The Journey Begins Here



Before starting a business, Its important to do a self-evaluation maybe followed by a little personal development If you don’t exactly feel like you’re ready mentally to start your own business. Personal Development begins with self-discovery. You must first find out where you are in order to move on from there. Try not to be too impulsive, to get the most out of life you want to make sound decisions that will give you the best outcome.

This multilayered post will be broken down into sections for your convenience, and also to reduce the size of each page. I will also place quick-links at the top of each page for returning guests and quick navigation through this infromation.

If you are one of those special people who may already have their business started and registered, feel free to skip pages if the information doesnt portain to you


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Growth and Discovery

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Implementing Personal Growth & Development

Implementing Personal Growth & Development

Personal Growth

An Important Step To Business Development

Last Updated: 05/31/2020

Four Stages of Personal Development

Personal Development begins with Self-discovery. You must find out where you are in order to move on from there. Self-Discovery allows you to gain a deep understanding of your own self, character, needs, values, and purpose in life. It also allows you to be more aware of your interests, hopes, dreams, and potential. Self-discovery involves taking time to deeply reflect on who you are, what you want to achieve, and the person you want to become.

After you discover who you are and where you are headed, you begin the Self-Development process by assessing your current skills and competencies. This involves gathering information about your aptitude, skills, competencies, talents and critically reviewing them. This leads to an accumulation of Self-Knowledge. With Self-Knowledge you can understand your strengths, as well as identify areas where you would like to make improvements. It basically gives you the information needed to begin Self-Development.


About the Four Stages of Personal Development

Self-Development is the process of developing specific aspects of your mind and body. It is the pursuit of personal growth by enhancing your physical and mental skills, competencies, talents, and knowledge in order to seek self-fulfillment and proactively reaching your fullest potential.  Self development is the actions leading to self mastery and self-actualization.

Self-mastery is the ability to recognize, understand, control, and make the most out of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. It is gained through awareness, understanding, and control over thoughts, emotions, and actions. As your performance improves, your mastery of your skills and competencies also improve. As your skills improve, you achieve more and your self confidence increases. An increased self-confidence leads to being happier and feeling more fulfilled in life.

Following Self-Mastery, you ultimately reach Self-Actualization and realization of your full potential. As you reach self-actualization you are becoming everything that you are capable of becoming!

If i were you, id get familiar with the Four Stages of Personal Development and apply that knowledge incise with

10 Important Steps to Success and Growth

1. Know yourself

Who are you? Who do you aspire to be?

Always remember to be yourself, and to focus on yourself and what YOU want. In a world that expects us to conform and fit in it is sometimes hard to just be ourselves, but it is better to avoid conforming to other people’s standards, expectations and ideals because often they are not realistic and aspiring to these can make us miserable. It is better not to care what people think of us because we will be judged regardless, so remember, be the best version of yourself, not someone else’s copy.

Remember: “It is better to be hated for who you are than it is to be loved for something you are not.”

Know Yourself (Continued): I am often asked about knowing yourself and being in a commited relationship. How does one do what THEY want when there is another person who has their own ideas and goals? When two people are in a COMMITTED relationship, you are a TEAM, there is no “I” in TEAM, YOU work together to reach your goals! Help and nurture each other so that YOU (The unit) can climb together! Use this ideology with the remaining steps and you will

2. Get out of your comfort zone

Resting on your laurels means that you will not grow.  Get out of your comfort zone, put yourself out there, take risks and aim to do something different, such as learning a new skill or hobby (But be careful not to be impusive) Impulsiveness is a path to making bad, unsavory desisions that you may later regret.

3. Develop a thick skin

You cannot please all of the people all of the time and like I mentioned before, certain people will always find any excuse to put you down, belittle you and judge you.

Unfortunately, that’s life. The best thing to do is to develop a thick skin. Treat other people’s bitter and jealous comments as water off a duck’s back.

4. Learn to assert yourself

In life we often go through tough situations. One of the most important skills you will ever need to learn is how to assert yourself. That means standing up for yourself, making your feelings known instead of bottling them up and putting your needs as first priority as well as other people’s.

5. Adopt good habits

Struggling with time keeping? Learn to complete tasks earlier. Having a hard time staying organised? Get a diary and write down to-do lists and deadlines. Unable to keep yourself motivated? Remember to focus on your goals and remember why you started. Adopting good habits means that you will not fall behind and you will go even further.

6. Create a plan and a list of goals

Where do you see yourself in 1/2/3/5/8/10 years’ time? If you know your ambitions, write them down so that you have a clear view of the goals you would like to achieve.

7. Be kind and generous

Always be kind and generous, for everyone is fighting a battle and the world operates better on kindness and generosity. Set out to help others but if you can’t help them then at least don’t hurt them. There is nothing to be gained from being bitter, nasty, horrible and spiteful to others. If you feel the need to be vicious to

wards others then that says a lot more about you that it does about others. Genuine acts of kindness will get you far.

8. Remember the simple and the most important things in life

It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind of life, but it’s imperative to remember the important aspects of life. It’s all about the little things, like going out on a walk in the park for fresh air, spending time with a best friend, picking up the phone to call a sibling, smelling the blossoming flowers or smiling and saying high to a neighbour when you walk past them in the street.

9. Learn new skills

Learning doesn’t end when you finish school. Learning is a lifelong journey. Take up a new hobby, whether it’s crafting, designing, coding, painting, learning to play a musical instrument or taking up a new sport. Adding more strings to your bow is quite impressive and it shows that you are a well-rounded person.

10. Be happy!

It sounds like the simplest advice one could ever give, but it’s so true. Be happy! Life is far too short to live in misery. See the positives and don’t dwell on the negatives. Sometimes things get hard, but lifes challenges are what make us who we are at the end of the day.


When it comes to Personal Development, the journey is never over. From here on out, you should always make it your goal to always learn and grow as a person in a positive way. The following goal is to take what you now know, and apply it to the rest of your life. Including your approach to starting a business.

The next section is what youve been waiting for! And I think you’re ready! The Guide To starting a Business!

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