Starting A Business Post – Pandemic Intro

Starting A Business Post – Pandemic Intro

Starting A Business – Post Pandemic – Intro

Choices and Decisions

You are where you are today because you stand on somebody’s shoulders. And wherever you are heading, you cannot get there by yourself. If you stand on the shoulders of others, you have a reciprocal responsibility to live your life so that others may stand on your shoulders. It’s the quid pro quo of life. We exist temporarily through what we take, but we live forever through what we give.”
– Vernon Jordan

Lets Get started

Ahoy! ☠️?‍☠️ Welcome to The Pixelburgh Project. I am your host for this post you may call me “Pixburgh” and today we will discuss how to Start A Business Post – Pandemic. So,,, you may be thinking that starting a business right now, as other businesses are failing and being burned to the ground is a “terrible idea”. Well, let me assure you: It is not.. In the ashes of the old world, A new world will grow. New business are popping up all over like spring flowers! People are capitalizing on the opportunities left behind by the the unfortunate events caused by the Novel Corona-virus, and are finding NEW creative ways to make money. People all over are starting their own journeys to financial stability, You should to!


The Quest


During the course of this series of posts, you will learn about the many resources and programs available to anyone who’s lifetime goal is to be their own boss. If the thought of starting your own business in our wonderful City.. Has ever crossed your mind, but you weren’t sure where to start,  continue reading and you will be sure to pick up enough knowledge to get yourself going in the right direction.

Its important to remember that starting a business isn’t for everyone. Its a journey that takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and sometimes long hours with little to no sleep sometimes WITHOUT PAY. That’s Right, you may find yourself working A LOT for FREE, but don’t worry my little padawan, we will also tackle that problem through-out this journey. So before you embark on such a quest, ask yourself one question…

Do you WANT to be successful?

If the answer is “Yes”, the information I am about to bestow upon you is public knowledge for those who’s dream is to excel. Unfortunately, most of the population have yet to dream past mediocrity, so this information remains exclusive to those who wish to smash through their ceiling. Or have yet to be exposed to such an incredible idea as owning your own business. This is especially true for those who have lived in poverty all their lives. Imagine living your whole life without the thought of owning your own business ever crossing your mind, that your best bet at success was to work at Walmart, or McDonald’s, or some other mediocre path. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying those aren’t admirable career paths, I’m saying working AT McDonald’s is not the answer, you want to OWN your OWN McDonald’s!  The point of this series is to learn how to do what you WANT to do and THE RIGHT WAY. My goal is to serve the community through enlightenment and give those who need an extra push out of the nest, the nudge to make the leap!

All Paths Start With a Choice


I am nothing but a mere shepherd, a way-shower who can only lead you to the water, I cannot force you to drink.

All paths start with a choice and the choice is yours alone to make.

If you choose the Blue Pill, the story ends. You you leave this page and do whatever you want with your life. If you choose the Red Pill, you choose to continue on this journey and I will give you all the information necessary to reach a HIGHER level. Remember, all i am offering is the TRUTH and its all Ad-free ?.


Choose your path,

tap Red or Blue pill

The Choice is Yours




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Roadmap To Business Start-Up – Navigation

Roadmap To Business Start-Up – Navigation

Starting A Business

Last Updated: 06/18/2020

The Red Pill

Congratulations! You chose the Red Pill, good choice, but you made one huge mistake! You should never take things from strangers without knowing what it is first! ? Lucky for you, I am a trustworthy human and your well-being Is why I do what I do. ?

This will be an ever-expanding, comprehensive guide to get you going in the right direction. Expect that this experience will grow and improve over time.

During this post we will discuss various resources and programs available around the city available to anyone who’s goal is to EXCEL. Along with a Step-by-step guide to Business start-up.



The Journey Begins Here



Before starting a business, Its important to do a self-evaluation maybe followed by a little personal development If you don’t exactly feel like you’re ready mentally to start your own business. Personal Development begins with self-discovery. You must first find out where you are in order to move on from there. Try not to be too impulsive, to get the most out of life you want to make sound decisions that will give you the best outcome.

This multilayered post will be broken down into sections for your convenience, and also to reduce the size of each page. I will also place quick-links at the top of each page for returning guests and quick navigation through this infromation.

If you are one of those special people who may already have their business started and registered, feel free to skip pages if the information doesnt portain to you


The Choice | The Red Pill (Current) | Character Development | Pandemic | Step-By-Step Guide | Resources | Access To Capital | Polishing

Growth and Discovery

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Pixelburgh Deprogramming Project

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Implementing Personal Growth & Development

Implementing Personal Growth & Development

Personal Growth

An Important Step To Business Development

Last Updated: 05/31/2020

Four Stages of Personal Development

Personal Development begins with Self-discovery. You must find out where you are in order to move on from there. Self-Discovery allows you to gain a deep understanding of your own self, character, needs, values, and purpose in life. It also allows you to be more aware of your interests, hopes, dreams, and potential. Self-discovery involves taking time to deeply reflect on who you are, what you want to achieve, and the person you want to become.

After you discover who you are and where you are headed, you begin the Self-Development process by assessing your current skills and competencies. This involves gathering information about your aptitude, skills, competencies, talents and critically reviewing them. This leads to an accumulation of Self-Knowledge. With Self-Knowledge you can understand your strengths, as well as identify areas where you would like to make improvements. It basically gives you the information needed to begin Self-Development.


About the Four Stages of Personal Development

Self-Development is the process of developing specific aspects of your mind and body. It is the pursuit of personal growth by enhancing your physical and mental skills, competencies, talents, and knowledge in order to seek self-fulfillment and proactively reaching your fullest potential.  Self development is the actions leading to self mastery and self-actualization.

Self-mastery is the ability to recognize, understand, control, and make the most out of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. It is gained through awareness, understanding, and control over thoughts, emotions, and actions. As your performance improves, your mastery of your skills and competencies also improve. As your skills improve, you achieve more and your self confidence increases. An increased self-confidence leads to being happier and feeling more fulfilled in life.

Following Self-Mastery, you ultimately reach Self-Actualization and realization of your full potential. As you reach self-actualization you are becoming everything that you are capable of becoming!

If i were you, id get familiar with the Four Stages of Personal Development and apply that knowledge incise with

10 Important Steps to Success and Growth

1. Know yourself

Who are you? Who do you aspire to be?

Always remember to be yourself, and to focus on yourself and what YOU want. In a world that expects us to conform and fit in it is sometimes hard to just be ourselves, but it is better to avoid conforming to other people’s standards, expectations and ideals because often they are not realistic and aspiring to these can make us miserable. It is better not to care what people think of us because we will be judged regardless, so remember, be the best version of yourself, not someone else’s copy.

Remember: “It is better to be hated for who you are than it is to be loved for something you are not.”

Know Yourself (Continued): I am often asked about knowing yourself and being in a commited relationship. How does one do what THEY want when there is another person who has their own ideas and goals? When two people are in a COMMITTED relationship, you are a TEAM, there is no “I” in TEAM, YOU work together to reach your goals! Help and nurture each other so that YOU (The unit) can climb together! Use this ideology with the remaining steps and you will

2. Get out of your comfort zone

Resting on your laurels means that you will not grow.  Get out of your comfort zone, put yourself out there, take risks and aim to do something different, such as learning a new skill or hobby (But be careful not to be impusive) Impulsiveness is a path to making bad, unsavory desisions that you may later regret.

3. Develop a thick skin

You cannot please all of the people all of the time and like I mentioned before, certain people will always find any excuse to put you down, belittle you and judge you.

Unfortunately, that’s life. The best thing to do is to develop a thick skin. Treat other people’s bitter and jealous comments as water off a duck’s back.

4. Learn to assert yourself

In life we often go through tough situations. One of the most important skills you will ever need to learn is how to assert yourself. That means standing up for yourself, making your feelings known instead of bottling them up and putting your needs as first priority as well as other people’s.

5. Adopt good habits

Struggling with time keeping? Learn to complete tasks earlier. Having a hard time staying organised? Get a diary and write down to-do lists and deadlines. Unable to keep yourself motivated? Remember to focus on your goals and remember why you started. Adopting good habits means that you will not fall behind and you will go even further.

6. Create a plan and a list of goals

Where do you see yourself in 1/2/3/5/8/10 years’ time? If you know your ambitions, write them down so that you have a clear view of the goals you would like to achieve.

7. Be kind and generous

Always be kind and generous, for everyone is fighting a battle and the world operates better on kindness and generosity. Set out to help others but if you can’t help them then at least don’t hurt them. There is nothing to be gained from being bitter, nasty, horrible and spiteful to others. If you feel the need to be vicious to

wards others then that says a lot more about you that it does about others. Genuine acts of kindness will get you far.

8. Remember the simple and the most important things in life

It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind of life, but it’s imperative to remember the important aspects of life. It’s all about the little things, like going out on a walk in the park for fresh air, spending time with a best friend, picking up the phone to call a sibling, smelling the blossoming flowers or smiling and saying high to a neighbour when you walk past them in the street.

9. Learn new skills

Learning doesn’t end when you finish school. Learning is a lifelong journey. Take up a new hobby, whether it’s crafting, designing, coding, painting, learning to play a musical instrument or taking up a new sport. Adding more strings to your bow is quite impressive and it shows that you are a well-rounded person.

10. Be happy!

It sounds like the simplest advice one could ever give, but it’s so true. Be happy! Life is far too short to live in misery. See the positives and don’t dwell on the negatives. Sometimes things get hard, but lifes challenges are what make us who we are at the end of the day.


When it comes to Personal Development, the journey is never over. From here on out, you should always make it your goal to always learn and grow as a person in a positive way. The following goal is to take what you now know, and apply it to the rest of your life. Including your approach to starting a business.

The next section is what youve been waiting for! And I think you’re ready! The Guide To starting a Business!

CLICK HERE to continue to The Guide To Business Start-Up



Project: Assimilate

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The BEST time to Sell your unwanted Gold Online

The BEST time to Sell your unwanted Gold Online

The Best Time to sell Your UNWANTED Gold online

Sell broken, warn, unwanted Gold online in minutes!

Last Updated: 05/24/2020

Everything You Need to Know About Selling Gold Online

From one Pirate to another, parting with gold is not typically something that crosses the mind. But even I know when to give up on certain pieces. Whether it was an unwanted gift or something that’s old and outdated, chances are that you’ve got some gold jewelry or other pieces in a dusty treasure chest stashed somewhere in your home, ship, or cave. The great news is now is a great time to sell gold—but you also want to make sure you get the highest possible amount. We’ve got the answers about how to sell your gold easily for the most money.

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How Much Could Your Gold Be Worth Right Now?

Past trends have shown over and over that, in times when the stock market has plunged, gold prices have soared. Today is no different; as of the closing bell on April 15, 2020, gold prices in the U.S. hit $1740.16 per ounce, which translates to $55.95 per gram. This is an almost record-breaking price.

Not only that but, over the past 12 months, the price of gold has increased by over 30%. If the market continues its current trajectory and gold continues to increase in price, its value is very likely to continue to rise, which is great news if you’ve got gold to sell!

The Percentage of Gold Matters

Here’s the thing: Unless you have pure gold such as bullion, your items will contain other types of metals. The fewer the alloys in your gold, the purer it will be. Purity is measured in terms of karats; the purest gold is 24 karats, followed by 22 karats, and so on. The purer gold is, the more it’s worth.


Calculating Your Gold’s Worth

How to sell gold for the highest price begins with finding out how much it’s going for.

The best place to find the current market price of this element is via the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). Their electronic auction system, called the LMBA Gold Price, is the recognized and accepted market price for gold the world over. The Kitco Gold Index is another reliable source of real-time gold pricing. It is one of many independently owned markets by which daily gold prices are set.

Another commonly seen term is the “gold spot price.” This amount indicates the price of gold if it were to be sold right now, and it is typically based on the opening market price on the day that it’s purchased. In contrast, gold futures are the predicted price of gold at a future point. Gold futures are determined by predicting supply and demand changes, as well as how much it will cost to transport and store gold.


Reality Check

Is the gold you have even real? Knowing this for sure before you hit a gold buyer’s website will save you lots of frustration, and there are a few ways to tell:

Look At It

Real gold is usually stamped somewhere with a purity mark. This mark can be a rectangle with its corners cut off that has a karat number inside (18K, 24K, etc.). It can also be one of a series of 3-digit numbers. Ranging from most pure at 999 to least pure at 375, this number will tell you the percentage of gold in your piece. Specifically:24 karat gold is 99.9% pure and stamped with 999.

  • 24 karat gold is 99.9% pure and stamped with 999.
  • 22 karat gold is 99% gold and stamped with 990 (it can also be stamped with 916 if it’s 91.6% pure).
  • 18 karat gold is 75% pure and stamped with 750.
  • 14 karat gold is 58.5% pure and stamped with 585.
  • 9 karat gold is 37.5% pure and stamped with 375.

If your items have this kind of stamp, then there’s no need to do anything else to try to see if your gold is real. If no stamp can be found, read on for some other gold-testing methods.


Light It Up

You can use a lighter to tell if your gold is real. Just hold it to the flame; if it gets bright hot but doesn’t darken or change into another color, it’s real.

Magnetic Attraction

Real gold is not attracted to a magnet. Try a high-powered magnet to make sure there’s no way your gold is fake.

No Rust, Floating, or Transfer to Skin

Gold, if it’s real, won’t float or rust. All that’s needed for this test is a glass of water. Another way to rule out the possibility that your piece is real gold is to wear it and check for a green or black color on your skin.

How Gold Buyers Will Test Your Gold

In addition to all the ways to test your gold at home, your local gold buyer will also have their own methods of testing gold.

Electronic Conductivity

If you take your gold to a buyer, it’s likely they’ll test the gold using electrical conductivity. This is a great way to determine purity without destroying the gold in any way. First, they’ll clean two areas on the gold item using a rubber eraser. One area is connected to an open circuit, and the other is touched with a sensor connected to a machine like the Tri Electronics Gold Tester.

The electric current passes through the gold, and the machine instantly produces a karat reading based on the rate at which the electric current passed through the gold. The reading provides you and the gold buyer with an indication of the purity, presence, and authenticity of the gold in the piece you’ve brought in.

Acid Method

Gold can also be tested with acid. The gold buyer rubs the piece on a black stone, which leaves a visible mark. Then, they test this mark by placing drops of nitric acid onto it. The nitric acid will dissolve the mark if it is not gold. If there’s still a mark after the acid’s been dropped on it, the buyer will then drop a combination of hydrochloric and nitric acid onto the piece. If the mark disappears this time, the gold has been dissolved and is real.

Getting Cash for Your Gold – How the Process Works

First, you need to know what kind of gold you have. Is it scrap or broken gold jewelry? If so, then use an online gold calculator to get an estimate for the amount you may be able to get.

After you’ve done that, find out what some local buyers are offering for gold. Check in with coin stores, jewelry stores that buy gold, and gold and silver exchanges. This should give you a wide enough range of prices to give you an idea of what you’ll get on average.

Selling Designer Jewelry

The resale value of luxury watches, gold and designer jewelry, and diamond rings can be much like the resale value of a luxury car; it depreciates as soon as it’s purchased or rolled out of the lot. Don’t expect your buyer to pay attention to the beauty, brand name, condition, or make of the piece; they’ll only be interested in the value of the metal it’s made of.

If you think you can get more for your jewelry than just the value of the gold that it’s made of, you’ve definitely got options. Maybe you have a friend who’s admired that ring or watch for a long time. Or, you can try listing it at an online auction site—but this can take time, not to mention get you less than you should if your jewelry wasn’t appraised by an experienced or reputable person. Online classifieds sites can be an option, but they also carry risk. Not only can they be rife with scams, but then you have to meet up with strangers to make the exchange.


Where to Sell Gold

Next, it’s time to find the company that will give you the highest possible price for what you have. When doing this, you’ll want to find a company that will give you more than other top gold buyers, and one that’s also reliable and well-established.

Choose a company that’s happy to do everything online. You won’t have to travel, and they will send you everything you need to determine the value of your gold directly to your door. Also, online gold buyers compete both nationally and internationally to maintain their reputations and level of customer satisfaction; that means you’re likely to get a much better amount for your gold.

Another thing to watch for is how long the company has been in business. They should have been around for five years or more because, this way, then you can know you’re dealing with someone who’s qualified and able to buy what you have, not a fly-by-night operation that could be gone in a few months. Do your homework, research them, and then visit or call to find out when they became a corporation.

Read News, Media, and Online Articles About Gold Buyers

A good old Google search is still one of the best ways to tell whether a company is the right one for you. If there’s bad press, don’t do business with them. Good press like the Fox News segment that featured Cash for Gold USA and revealed they paid 300% more than two other leading online gold buyers is definitely the kind of stuff you want to hear. (By the way, 300% translates to Cash for Gold USA paying $100 for an item compared to the $33 the other two companies paid for the same item.)

Check the Reviews and Social Media Pages

These days, you can find an online review for just about anything, including gold buyers. So hit sites like Yelp, TRUSTe, or Shopper Approved to see what people have to say about them, in addition to looking at the star ratings. You’ll also want to get on Facebook or Instagram to see what fans have to say, as well as check who’s following them.

As stated Earlier, Our affiliate has been in business since 2005 and has been giving the best rates on the internet ever since Click Here to get started.

Watch Your Mailbox and Get Paid

Any quality gold-buying company will make sure the stuff you send is protected. That means insuring the shipping of the jewelry. Your mailer or shipping label shouldn’t take any longer than three to five business days to get to you, either.

When it arrives, just put your items in the mailer, send it out, and wait to see what you’ll be paid. You’ll also want to keep in mind that any offer you get will be based on both the weight and the purity of whatever you’ve sent to the buyer.

A good company won’t make you wait long for an appraisal; you should expect one within 24 hours from the time your pieces were received, and you should be able to track your package online. Typically, you’ll be able to choose from more than one option for payment, such as bank wire, PayPal, or check.

If You Think Your Gold or Diamonds Will Sell for $1,000 or More

You may have gold jewelry that has precious stones like diamonds. If this is the case, then it’s likely to fetch more than $1000. It will help if you include photocopies of any GIA certifications for the diamonds you want to sell with your shipment. Before you send anything, it’s also a good idea to contact the company to ensure they have a certified gemologist on site who can give you a fair appraisal of your diamond(s) and provide an accurate aftermarket value.

Cash for Gold USA has an onsite gemologist who appraises all of the diamonds they receive onsite, and it provides you with an offer based on the RapNet Diamond Index (RAPI™).

Is That All There Is to It?

Can you really make any money by selling your gold? With prices rising and the stock market going in the opposite direction, right now is the ideal time to sell. Getting the most for your gold is easy with our Cash for Gold affiliate. They appraise all the jewelry they receive in their insured mailer and send you an offer within 24 hours of the time it arrives. You then have the option to Accept or Deny that offer. If you accept, they rush you payment. If you Deny, they ship your items back free of charge.

From gold chains to pendants, doubloons, to diamond engagement rings and dental gold, they buy any gold, silver, and diamond jewelry—and the best part? Gather up your scrap pieces, coins, dental pieces, or jewelry and ship them to Cash for Gold for a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Free Appraisal and Offer. Visit their website to get started!

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Protesters Risking Public Health

Protesters Risking Public Health

Recent protest potentially cause more harm than good

Protestors Rally Against Government [Covid-19] Containment Practices.

Last Updated: 04/24/2020

This past Monday 04/20/2020 protesters (some strapped with semi-automatic weapons) took to the streets to demand Gov. Tom Wolf to reopen the Pennsylvania economy that was systematically closed due to the [COVID-19] pandemic in an effort to contain the spread of the virus.

Usually, I’m all for a peaceful protest, but this protest in particular was clearly motivated by more personal selfish reasons and not the health and benefit of the population.

Yes, we all want the shutdown to be over, and we all want to go back to work. But encouraging people to gather in large groups, when a highly contagious virus is literally killing thousands of people doesn’t seem too smart does it? In reality it is actually extremely counterproductive.. Especially considering the infection rate is practically on the downswing! Which means we are on the way to opening back up anyway, as long as the infection rate continues to level out.

With the the current confirmed cases at 855,525, and the death toll at 47,992 the COVID-19 Outbreak its nothing to joke about. Most people with common sense already know this fact, and are taking proper precautions to keep themselves and their family safe.

The call to shut down the economy was a sound decision to protect lives, there’s really was no way around it. Especially when there is no cure in sight for the corona-virus. The current numbers for PA are High. Pennsylvania currently has the 5th highest infection rate. According to current numbers:

With that said, the corona-virus is obviously real, people are dying ??‍♂️. New York has been hit the hardest. In fact, new York has been hit so hard officials have been forced to put bodies in refrigerated box trucks because the morgues just haven’t been able to keep up with the death rate (True Story).

Honestly, I couldn’t believe things where that bad so close to home until the news was trending. That is when I actually looked into it further. It was uncomfortably surreal to see the videos of bodies being piled into trucks. It resembled scenes from a sci fi horror movie.

Many other cities could have shared the same fate as New York, if it wasn’t for the containment practices that are now in effect. The same containment practices that are keeping our “Essential People” safe and healthy. Safety practices that the recent protestors mostly ignored, and when asked why, reporters where met with shotty excuses that only prove that they (the protestors) have failed to do their own due diligence on the corona-virus; putting everyone who is, and have been following containment practices since the beginning at risk in now, and in the future.

SO, With total disregard for public safety, and completely ignoring Federal and state guidelines set forth by the CDC to control the spread of infectious diseases, protesters can be seen huddled together in groups some with mask, some without masks. (More without masks than with.)

The most important evidence to why these protests are a step backwards comes from other states that are having similar protests.

Governor Andy Beshear announced on 04/19/2020 that their state had seen a record breaking increase directly following a week full of protesting. (They probably didn’t wear mask, or take proper precautions much like here in Pittsburgh recently.)

Many commentators online claim that we are witnessing “Darwinism at its finest”. If you’re unfamiliar with the terms “Darwin” and “Natural selection”,

The Theory of Natural Selection is:

“The process whereby organisms better adapted to their environment tend to survive and produce more offspring. The theory of its action was first fully expounded by Charles Darwin and is now believed to be the main process that brings about evolution.”

Lets put that into a little context before viewing the video below: With given scientific information on how the virus spreads, how many people are infected, how many people have died, and certainly the fact that some human beings can be ASYMPTOMATIC. [asymptomatic – Basically means someone can be sick, spread the virus, but show no signs of being sick (no cough, no fever)] Lets also not forget the possibility that it could take up to two weeks for symptoms to even show up, if they ever do.

The bottom line is: Even if YOU aren’t worried, You can still spread the virus to someone else, a friend or relative. Other peoples safety is in YOUR hands. Take some responsibility. Now, without further ado: Digital people watching,  courtesy of KDKA.

Dr. Amesh Adalja, a Pittsburgh-based infectious disease and critical care physician had this to say about the protestors:
“It’s completely understandable that people are upset about the consequences of the economic shutdown on their lives, but when they exercise their right to protest, however, I hope that they are still able to observe common-sense social distancing principles.”

Online and away from the chaos, a majority of the population seem to condemn the behavior of the protestors. Claiming the protests and protestors are  “Ignorant”, “lack common sense”, “must be really bored” and “irresponsible”.

As mentioned earlier, some protestors where armed.. Some dressed like it was The Siege of Fort Pitt in 1763. Somewhere along the way we failed to remember the enemy is not the Taliban, or the government and corona-virus definitely cannot be killed with automatic rifles ?

Another online commentator said “Nothing says “iM a TaKtIcUL JEENyUs” like woodland and desert camo in an urban environment.”


Pixelburgh Does not own these images.

Danny DeVito [(real name swear) Also not related to the Actor famous actor who has been promoting Social distancing during the pandemic] Devito, a Carnegie Republican running for a seat in the State House joined the protest as well. DeVito, the lead petitioner on a lawsuit against Wolf over the business closures had this to say:

“I think the governor is totally incompetent, Businesses did not have enough time to prepare for the closures.” He continued: “Pittsburgh should not have to reopen businesses on the same schedule as Philadelphia, where there have been more cases of covid-19.”
“I think President Trump has done an incredible job guiding our country through this,” DeVito continued.

Many protestors in Pittsburgh shared DeVito’s views. Many of whom wore MAGA gear and other Trump accessories. Even though President Trump himself said he disagrees with the reopening too early. See Here:

Trump says he ‘strongly’ disagreed with move to reopen Georgia — contradicting source who said he agreed with it


According to the Tribune Review, In advance of the protests, Pennsylvania’s Democratic legislative leaders and a University of Pennsylvania health policy expert hosted reporters on a conference call.

Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa, D-Forest Hills, said: “Protests in Pittsburgh and Harrisburg were part of a dangerous trend that’s ignoring facts, science and expert recommendations about how to handle the pandemic.”

“Unfortunately, people have started to embrace this,” Costa continued. “The state’s economy will be hurt worse if a move to reopen is rushed.”

Montgomery County state Rep. Matt Bradford, the Democratic chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, stated that: He knows the closures have hurt small business owners, but the state needs to move forward in a way that’s led by “science, not politics.” He continued: “We cannot put people’s lives at risk,” 

University of Pennsylvania health policy expert Alison Buttenheim said: “The state needs to do three to four times more testing than it has been doing. We just can’t be testing the very sickest people before restrictions are eased”, She continued: “There would ideally be a 14-day period where new cases continuously drop.”

The protests themselves present a problem of potentially increasing spread of the disease, those on the call said.


Other openly vocal critics include the LGBTQ community. Many of whom expressed their disgust over the presence of local night club (CAVO) owner at the protest.  Many feel this behavior promotes irresponsible, possibly dangerous actions that would lead to more COVID-19 related deaths.

Sarah huny young, a local DJ and founder of the Darkness Is Spreading event collective, posted a video of the protest on her Twitter account that pointed out Paul and Leah as owners of CAVO.

“The recklessness pisses me off, not the dissent, We all want answers and an actual plan. Yes, small businesses deserve the bailouts. We all want this quarantine to end as soon as possible; I’m a part of the nightlife industry, too. But it’s literally dangerous to gather a crowd of people together while an extremely contagious virus is killing thousands of people per day. And it’s alarming to bring assault weapons and disguises with you.” Young continued: “This will only draw out this situation even longer for all of us, and it’s fu**ing asinine. People should be informed on who is behind it.”

If you think critics are being too.. Critical.. Keep in mind there are actually people around the world dying right now from Covid-19. 

Honestly… Looking at all the evidence that says it is still too early to reopen the economy, it would seem the people involved in these protests are really just shooting themselves in the foot by potentially increasing the length of the shutdown, ironically having the reverse effect of what they initially set out for. To a majority of the public the armed protestors more closely resembled enemies of the state than people trying to help, do to the fact that the protests are doing more harm than good. Most of the worlds population is aware that this issue is not something that can be fixed easily. But some people seem to think its as easy as flipping a switch to open the state. If we reopen the economy and the virus is not mostly eradicated we will be right back at square one.

We all want try and get things as close to normal as possible. Lets be smart about this so we can MAYBE try to enjoy some of our summer.



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Thank You to all Healthcare Workers!

Thank You to all Healthcare Workers!

Healthcare / Essential Workers around the world

To the people on the front lines risking it all.

Being “Essential” Means a lot.

We are living in stressful times, but no-one has a more stressful job right now than the  Healthcare workers and other essential workers on the front line of the battle  against COVID-19.


We just wanted to take this moment to say THANK YOU to the healthcare and other essential workers who continue to go to work during these difficult times. We are grateful for your courage and dedication! You are the reason we are still going!

Thank You!

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