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PIXELBURGH – ACT II – (In-Progress)

Non- Profit Organization

As of June 6th Pixelburgh Inc is a registered as a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Not-For-Profit Organization.

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PIXELBURGH’S Mission is to assist the city’s youth, artists, small businesses and all other historically disadvantaged people; including but not limited to, minorities and women, in the pursuit of happiness.

We aim to achieve this goal through education, mentoring, access to resources, promotion, and special programs designed to create a positive change in our community.


Inspiring Our Youth

Our youth are our future. When we equip youth with resources, encouragement, and goals that empower, we’re planting seeds for a better future. It’s the only way in which eradicating poverty and seeing a hunger free world is possible. Pixelburgh aims to inspire young artists to hone their craft into something that that can put clothes on their back and food on their plate.


Mentors are critical to a child. A mentor can help model positive behavior – how to treat others, how to dress appropriately. Day to day challenges – how to handle conflict, appropriate responses to adversity. Academic success – better appreciation for school, advanced educational aspirations. Pixelburgh’s mission is to introduce our youth into the entrepreneurial world and create LEADERS that will further help our community advance.



Small Business Support

Starting a business can be a serious challenge. Pixelburgh and all of our associates, partners and affiliates are here to help from start to finish growth. Many small business owners miss out on resources available to them simply because they are never exposed to them! Pixelburgh will partner with other organizations around the city to help entrepreneurs gain access to programs available to them.



Pixelburgh provides resources for basic and advanced business needs such as business cards, websites, advertising, app development, logo design, brand development, and more by connecting new entrepreneurs with skilled multi-media artists. We will also create programs to educate our clients on various resources available around the city geared towards helping entrepreneurs succeed.

Assisting Artists

#ArtIsEssential – Art is a very important part of our every day lives, Artists not only brighten up our daily lives, they also create EVERYTHING us consumers… Consume.. At Pixelburgh, our goal is to use sourced artists from around the city to help our local Small Business with all their media needs. Pixelburgh uses donation funds to compensate artists involved for their services. Some artists volunteer their time to support our mission.

ACT – II is now in progress

PIXELBURGH – ACT I – (In-Progress)

The Origin Story

In September 2018
The construction company
“Pryor Traffic Control LLC”
was organized.

January 2020
Pixelburgh Project pre-planning begins

By February 2020
Pryor Traffic Control LLC had formed a working relationship with PennDOT.

By March 2020
The Novel Coronavirus proved America was not immune to the events unfolding around the world, as most of America abruptly shut-down.. Indefinitely.

March 2020
People across America are forced to self-quarantine as businesses either reduce hours, or close completely, sometimes permanently

 Social Distancing:

In order to continue serving our community and our customers (Who all happen to be at home).
Now introducing…  The PTC “work from home” addition… *Drumroll*..

“Same Service, different direction”


March 14th 2020: The Pixelburgh Project goes live 🎉