#PIXELBURGH – A Art and Small-Business Incubator

About Pixelburgh

What We Do

Pixelburgh is a art and small business incubator. We use art and artists to support the Arts and artists.

Basically what that means is: Artists come in many different mediums. Art is everything and everywhere. A carpenter can be an artist! Although we mainly focus on traditional art, digital art and musicians we try to assist anyone who could use our network and skills.

We bring on talent of all mediums, and then we feed them clients, give them exposure and in some instances teach them new skills such as website building and product development. We help artists network, and assist them in their growth.

“We use art and artists to support the arts and artists.”
And example of this would be: A musician may not have the funds to create an album cover or their own website, we would then use our network to find a graphic artist to help the musical artists. Later that music artists could help the graphic artist with musical content.

We have adapted beyond traditional currency and incorporate a trading system for most of our business. We typically do not charge for most things, unless certain things cost actual money (filing for a LLC for example). Often instead of accepting payments we typically trade services for services. This often alleviates financial burden so that artists can use their earned income for things like… Food & board. We also often employ a “Pay by promotion” rule. This is when we do a service for free (Like host your website) but have an ad or link to our website visibly on the subjects website.


Our goal is to create great art and cool projects, help others create great art and cool projects, then promote these great projects and art. That is it basically🙂

At the end of the day, the focus is to improve our community making it safer, more prosperous, and more colorful for our friends and family.

For more information, do get invloved, or for marketing and advertizing on our platforms, contact